Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vidoop: A new password system

My colleague in a company offsite mentioned Vidoop which lets you have password that cannot be stolen via key loggers and someone looking over your head. Apparently, you select your password as photo categories (e.g. animal,person, boat). Then when you login you are shown random photos and with random letters associated with them. Your task is to type in the letter that's shown on photos within your chosen photo categories. So on one login, your password may be "ABP", and second time you may have to type "BAG." What makes me not put trust in them is their revenue sharing programs with the websites that implement this technology.

BTW, does anyone know if they use MySQL?

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Anonymous said...

We don't use MySQL for our production environment because the licensing conditions were confusing to us. We use PostgreSQL for Our core technology supports MySQL, though.

Scott Blomquist
CTO, Vidoop