Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hadoop Elastic MapReduce by AWS

Amazon today launched a beta of it's Elastic MapReduce (hosted hadoop). This is exciting and just in time for my upcoming, Hadoop and MySQL: Friends with benefits, session at the MySQL Conference & Expo.

I can't wait to try it out!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Community One East - What will Sun announce?

I will be attending Community One tomorrow and on Thursday at Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York, NY. I am especially looking forward to the announcements tomorrow which sound very interesting :)

The first day is a free event featuring:

* Cloud Platforms – Development and deployment in the cloud.
* Social and Collaborative Platforms – Social networks and Web 2.0 trends.
* RIAs and Scripting – Rich Internet Applications, scripting and tools.
* Web Platforms – Dynamic languages, databases, and Web servers.
* Server-side Platforms – SOA, tools, application servers, and databases.
* Mobile Development – Mobile platforms, devices, tools and application development.
* Operating Systems and Infrastructure – Operating systems and virtualization.
* Free and Open – Open-source projects, business models, and trends.

The second day of the event is focused on Deep Dives with two half-day sessions on MySQL and two full-day sessions on Java and Web development. I will be attending the session, "Using Java EE and SOA to Architect and Design Robust Enterprise Applications."

Following the conference, I will be a panelist at a Cloud Computing Seminar at Microsoft office in NY. It's going to be a long but exciting day!

It will be great to catch up with old and new friends at the event.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Cloud Computing - Executive Seminar

Tomorrow, I'll be attending the Executive Seminar on Cloud Computing at NASDAQ MarketSite (NY). Speakers include Dr. Werner Vogels and Mårten Mickos (ex-CEO of MySQL). Big thanks to Amazon and RightScale who were able to accommmodate my RSVP even when the registration had formally closed.

I hope to be able to catch up with Mårten Mickos during the event. In case I do succeed in catching up, is there any question you want me to ask him? You can email me or post a comment.

It's funny that the event site still shows Mårten's title as "SVP of Sun Microsystems’ Database Group."

Sunday, March 01, 2009

FriendFeed uses MySQL to store "Schema-less" data

Came across an interesting post by Bret (co-founder of FriendFeed) about how FriendFeed uses MySQL to store "schema-less" data. According to the post, they weren't having issues with scaling existing features but rather they were experiencing pain when trying to add features.

Now the way they are using MySQL is interesting and bizarre at the same time. At a very high level, it seems their approach is to use a RDBMS as if it is a column-oriented database. Of course, it makes me wonder why not just use a column-oriented database? I need to read the post again in the morning (too tired right now so just gave it a quick glance).

I am very interested in hearing thoughts from my peers at Planet MySQL regarding this approach. They seem to have gone great lengths to go this route. What issues and benefits you see of this approach and whether you ever see yourself taking this route? I, for one, am not entirely convinced of this approach and whether it can really scale down the road. Also, if it was someone other than Friend feed going down that route, I might have actually lost my tempered and yelled :)

Side note: Friendfeed is growing fast, and it would have been cool if Bret was speaking at one of the three upcoming MySQL events in April.