Tuesday, October 30, 2007

DTrace and Predictive Self-Healing Courses

I plan to take a few advance SUN courses to refresh and advance my knowledge. I am particularly interested in checking out the DTrace and Solaris 10 Predictive Self-Healing courses. Has anyone taken them before? Are they any good?

BTW, a very good resource on Solaris 10 is Solaris 10 System Administration Collection.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scaling MySQL with Solaris 10: Webinar

On Wednesday, October 24, at 2 PM EST I will be presenting an Information Week webinar about scaling MySQL on Solaris 10. The webinar is free to attend and sponsored by Sun. The webinar will be followed by a Live QA session.
Register for the webinar
Fotolog is the world's largest photo blogging social network, boasting more than 700,000 new photos per day and more than 3 billion page views a month. More than 11 million fotologgers communicate and connect through their photos on Fotolog. With the help of Solaris 10 and MySQL Enterprise, Fotolog has scaled to become a top 20 destination on the Internet according to Alexa.

In this TechWebcast, Sun Microsystem's partner Fotolog shows creative ways used to scale their Web 2.0 architecture and MySQL Enterprise with Solaris 10 advanced features. Unlike typical scalability presentations which focus on the entire stack, Fotolog will emphasize on the role that understanding one's application, operating system and storage engine can play in addressing scalability challenges.

Web 2.0 applications world-wide rely on Sun to deliver the right combination of product innovation and capability, coupled with market leading partner solutions like Fotolog and MySQL.

Representatives from both Sun and MySQL will be present to take your questions. Hope to see you there!

Update: The recording (with audio) of this webinar is now available on Information Week website. Please note that registration is still required. After registration you should be able to view the recording.