Sunday, August 24, 2008

Notes from Structure 08, Velocity and Graphing Social Patterns East

I attended several events in June of this year including Graphing Social Patterns East, Velocity and Structure 08. At each of these events, I tried to take some notes and posted them to my personal blog. I received a few pings from readers of this blog to point them to a list of these posts. It took some time but here is the list of my notes. In some cases, I have linked directly to the presentation files.

High-performance Ajax Applications: Julien Lecomte (Yahoo!) talked about how to effectively use AJAX in your applications without compromising performance.
Slideshare: High performance Ajax Applications

Stress, Load and Performance Testing in Quality Assurance: Excellent tips on stress and performance testing by Goranka Bjedov of Google.

Actionable Logging for Smoother Operation and Faster Recovery: Mandi Walls from AOL talked about logging in general including actionable logging, why it's important, logging goals, log file management, things to avoid in logs and more. (Presentation slides)

Clouds are No Substitute for Competence: Presented by Javier Soltero of Hyperic

Energy Efficient Operations: Some Challenges and Opportunities: Luiz Barroso from Google presented this very interesting and informative session about making operations energy efficient.

Innovation That Drives Opportunity for the Web Infrastructure: John Folwer (Sun Microsystems) was the speaker at this talk about Web 2.0 architectures. (Presentation slides)

Importance of Operations and Performance: Artur Bergman of Wikia talked about lessons learned while running 7000 wikis.

Jiffy: Real World Performance Measurement: In this session Scott Ruthfield talks about Jiffy, an open source tool for performance measurement and instrumentation. (Presentation slides)

KITE: Keynote Internet Testing Environment Launch: KITE was one of the interesting products launched at Velocity. KITE allows you to test from desktop to the Internet cloud. At the time of launch KITE was free. Don't know the current pricing model. (Presentation slides)

Harnessing Explosive Growth: Infrastructure Strategies and Tactics: Panelists including Sandy Jen, Akash Garg, Jeremiah Robinson, Jonathan Heiliger and James Barrese discussed strategies and tactics for handling explosive growth.

The Race to the Next Database: Overclocking and Analytics Augment Your Data Layer: At Structure 08, panelists on this session included Mayank Bawa (Aster Data Systems), Doug Judd (Zvents), Luke Lonergan (Greenplum), Damian Black (SQLstream), Dave Schrader (Teradata) and Scott Wiener (Cloud9Analytics). Each panelist provided insight into the ground breaking work their company is doing in solving data processing and handling BI challenges faced by consumers today.

Working the Clouds: NextGen Infrastructure for New Entrepreneurs: This panel on cloud computing featured panelists including Geva Perry (GigaSpaces), Jason Hoffman (Joyent), Tony Lucas (XCalibre), Lew Moorman (Rackspace), Christophe Bisciglia (Google / AppEngine) and Joe Weinman (AT&T). Christophe got grilled heavily by other panelists but he handled it pretty darn well.

Werner Vogels: Keynote at Structure 08: Dr. Vogels keynote was one of the highlights of Structure 08. He presented case study of Animoto and talked about the 70/30 switch among other things.

The Platform Revolution: A Look into disruptive technologies: Jonathan Yarmis AMR Research (VP of Disruptive Technologies) talked about technology trends, social networking, mobility, mobile , cloud computing, stream computing, business models, user 2.0 and the new enterprise reality.

Green Data Centers: Bill Coleman (Cassatt Corporation) presented this session. Bill is known for being responsible for the B in BEA. (Presentation slides)

Creating Bebo Applications: Bebo is now part of OpenSocial and this presentation presented at Graphing Social Patterns talks about how to create applications for Bebo.

Open Social and Google App Engine: Patrick Chanezon (API Evangelist) and Paul McDonald (Product Manager for Google App Engine) presented a technical overview of OpenSocial and Google App Engine at Graphing Social Patterns East.

OpenSocial: Open for Business: In this session, panelists were Patrick Chanezon (Google), Paul Lindner (hi5), Max Newbould (MySpace) and Sachin Rekhi (imeem). (Also see)

Viral Marketing and Advertising Strategies for social networks: One of the best sessions at the Graphing Social Patterns conference presented by Kevin Barenblat and Jeff Ragovin. (Also see)

Mobile Social Networks: A Comparison: Benjamin Joffe's excellent eye opening session for anyone interested in using mobile platform for creating social networking solutions.

Top 5 Things that fail and win on social networks: Dave McClure, chair of Graphing Social Patterns, presented this concise but every effective presentation on what fails and what wins on social networks.

Geek Metrics: Using App Analytics to Drive Distribution, Engagement, & Monetization: Dave McClure (500 Hats) moderated this panel which included Hiten Shah (CrazyEgg / KISSmetrics), Ian Swanson (Sometrics, Inc.), Albert Lai (Kontagent) and Roy Pereira (Refresh)

Social + Mobile = Sociable (Social Networks for SMS, IM & Mobile Devices: Panelists in this session included Benjamin Joffe, Ben Keighran, Gregory Cypes, Craig Dalton and Chris Butler.

Widget Strategies & Social Platforms: Hooman Radfar, CEO of Clearspring Technologies discussed the new role of widgets and how to go about creating them.

Facebook Business and Marketing Solutions: Kent Schoen talked about how to use Facebook for business and marketing.

Developing and Promoting Social Network Applications: Rules of thumb: What does FACEBOOK means when it comes to creating and promoting applications for social networks?

Social Networks for Business and Marketing Managers: Ro Choy of Rock You! gave an overview of social networks for business managers:

Scaling MySQL - powered Web Sites by Sharding and Replication: Slides from Peter Zaitsev's session at Velocity. (Presentation slides)

Capacity Management: John Allspaw's signature presentation on capacity management. John also has a book coming out on this topic. (Presentation slides)

Structure 08 on demand: Watch the Structure 08 conference on demand at Mogulus.

LinkedIn Communication Architecture: Slides about LinkedIn's platform built in Java. (Presentation slides)

SOX Compliance: A presentation by Skye Rogers. I missed this presentation but then caught up with Skye at dinner. I wish Skye would have received more time to discuss SOX Compliance. (Presentation slides)

There were several sessions I didn't get to go to which is a sad thing. You may want to check the conference websites directly (linked at top of this post) to see if there are presentation slides available. Also, if you took notes at these sessions, please feel free to drop the links as comments to this post.