Sunday, May 06, 2007

Installing MySQL on Solaris 10 Virtual Machine: Other tools

Before we can install MySQL using bitkeeper, we need certain tools to be installed.

Download Bitkeeper Client

- Install wget-1.10.2-sol10-x86-local .
- Install gcc-3.4.6-sol10-x86-local or libgcc-3.4.6-sol10-x86-local.gz
- Install libiconv-1.11-sol10-x86-local (required for gcc)
- Install openssl-0.9.8e-sol10-x86-local (required for wget)
- Install make-3.81-sol10-x86-local (required for bk-client)

After downloading the above packages, navigate to the directory and then run
gunzip *.gz

Now you can install the packages one by one.
pkgadd -d libiconv-1.11-sol10-x86-local 
# this will install SMCliconv

pkgadd -d gcc-3.4.6-sol10-x86-local
# installs SMCgcc

pkgadd -d openssl-0.9.8e-sol10-x86-local
# installs SMCossl

pkgadd -d wget-1.10.2-sol10-x86-local
# installs SMCwget

pkgadd -d make-3.81-sol10-x86-local
# installs SMCmake

At this point, if running wget gives you "command not found", then make sure you have added /usr/local/bin to your PATH. The documentation will be installed in /usr/local/doc.

Now we can install bitkeeper client.
/bin/sh bk-client2.0.shar
cd bk-client2.0

to be continued...

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