Saturday, May 05, 2007

Free Solaris 10 OS and Sun Developer Tools, or Solaris Express, Developer Edition DVD

Since I have been writing these days about working with MySQL on Solaris 10 virtual machine on Mac Book, I thought why not blog about a very cool offer by Sun. As a part of their media kit program, you can get a free Solaris 10 DVD of your choice. The choices you have are:

1. Solaris 10 Operating System and Sun Developer Tools, or
2. Solaris Express, Developer Edition for x86 systems.

With one request, you can request as many as 9999 licenses. What a great way to market your product. For those who would be interested in installing Solaris 10 for your Mac, this is a good opportunity so you can have a copy of Solaris 10 on DVD.

This is a very cool and smart move by Sun. There are certainly lessons to be learned here for other open source companies like MySQL.

One thing I am wondering about is that whether MySQL is included in the Solaris Express, Developer edition. Probably not, but that goes on to show you a golden marketing opportunity for both companies. Companies that are already using Sun hardware and Solaris 10 will be much more inclined to become paying MySQL customers if MySQL and Sun work even more together to promote and optimize MySQL on Solaris. Solaris 10 is a great operating system and MySQL, a great database. I would actually recommend that both the management of Sun and MySQL read the book "Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement without giving in" by Roger Fisher. It really is a great book that teaches to focus on solving issues rather than taking positions. Taking both hard and soft positions to negotiations is never helpful.

Anyway, back to the free DVDs. According to the confirmation email from Sun, you can expect to get the DVD in 2-4 weeks. The email also included some helpful links about Solaris 10, which I have included below for reference.

Solaris Learning Centers:

Solaris How to Guides:

Solaris Training & Learning Services

Solaris Services & Support

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