Monday, June 04, 2007

Amp'd Mobile bankrupt?

If I recall correctly, I saw a post about Amp'd Mobile going bankrupt, but now that I wanted to read it, it's gone. So how can this be? I thought they were doing really good especially since they were one of the winners at this year's MySQL Application of the year. I wonder what went wrong.

The official statement from Ampd Mobile:

"As a result of our rapid growth, our back-end infrastructure was unable to keep up with customer demand. We are taking this step as a necessary and responsible action to sustain and strengthen our momentum in the market place".

Ok, Now I am really curious. Which part of backend? Network? Application? Storage? ... Database?

And whatever these backend scalability issues were, why weren't they actively resolved? Could making a company scalable drive it bankrupt? If not, then what happened here?

From what I can think, the problem here probably lies with the implementation of the backend, not the individual components of the infrastructure.

It will probably be some time before we will know what really happened to Amp'd. But I am curious to know what happened.


Anonymous said...

A technical solution can always be found, it may not be an ideal solution or one that is very hard to manage but nonetheless, technology does not drive a business to bankruptcy.

"Technology does not drive business rather business drives the technology."

Somewhere along the management line at Ampd Mobile, something went wrong and I doubt it was their backend.

Unknown said...

Here's some additional information:


Ronald Bradford said...

Wow that's big news.

Glad somebody wrote about it.

Anonymous said...

so what will happen to the ampd mobile customers? will they still be obligated to pay termination fees and such

Anonymous said...

I was an amp'd mobile customer.

I'm one of those that didn't pay his/her bills.

Want to know why? I never got a bill in the mail after the first month. I emailed, called, etc. to get their attention so I could pay the bill, never could get a response at ALL. My emails went unreplied, and my phone calls always ended up at a busy tone.

How am I supposed to pay the bill if I can't get in contact and have no billing information?

Lack of customer service was their problem.

kingchristian said...

u kno i was a ampd moble costmar
and i was one of the people that dint pay there bill either :P to and yes ampd moblie makes it diffacult to pat the bill the dont send u a bill in the mail even tho i requsted 1 what they do is send it 2 ue email and i rarely check my email so i just made it diffacult to kno when your supped 2 pay and when u do kno u have 2 call and wait about an hour for them 2 take u off hold so i just hung up after a while so i just forgot after a while...
so i was just wondering what will happen 2 me and the other costmars will we have 2 pay temantion fee's and any other fees?

Anonymous said...

i am so glad theyre over...worst cell phone provider ever. straight up garbage from start to finish..

Anonymous said...

the company sholdn't have lasted as an entity as long as it did. I was a "no bill payor" also but when i subscribed and signed the contract they sent all the bills to me i owe them $900 because i wasn't getting nights or weekends for that initial three months. I got screwed so who do i pay now?

Anonymous said...

I was an Amp'd Mobile customer as well. I had so much trouble paying my bill that it was such a headache!!! I would call and be on hold for over an hour and I just dont have the kind of time. They were never open and they didnt have enough people to work the phones. I paid extra to get free nights and they never applied it to my bill. Each money my bills where like $100 extra. I finally got my bill paid for the 1st 2 months but it took me so long to get ahold of them my all bill was already do so I had to pay them almost 3 hundred dollars. It was so fucked up!!!! Also I'd try and go online to pay my bill but once you go over your due date that shut down your online account so u can't get one. There website was also always down or not working. I wonder if there is anything that we can do to fight paying the last of hour bills? Having a cell phone and paying your bill shouldn't be so difficult, I wouldn't mind talking to a lawyer to see if there is anything that can be done for all the customers that spent hours on the phone trying to pay there bills and couldn't get threw ? It just doesn't seem right. If anyone wants to write back to me with there issues with Amp'd let me know. Maybe if there are enough people out there that had the same issues or similar we can do something to make it right of us. U can email Thanks