Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New York Tech Meetup

Tonight, I went for the first time to the NY Tech Meetup. (Meetup's founder is also Fotolog's co-founder).

Ever wanted to create your own television station And be able to professionally produce live shows just like your favorite cable tv channel? What about being able to instantly add any video from YouTube, Revver or other video sharing sites? And what if all this was free? Close your mouth, I can see your mouth watering already.

Check out what I honestly think has the potential to be ground breaking: Mogulus. I had the chance to meet and see Max Haot, CEO of Mogulus, at the NY Tech Meetup. The entire interface is flash based and therefore no download is necessary.

I think Mogulus seems to be using S3 and EC2 as Max answered a question about CDN by making a reference to Amazon's bandwidth. If so, seems like a perfect match for EC2 and S3.

Mogulus excited me, but the highlight of the NY Tech Meetup tonight was David Weinberger, an excellent speaker and author of "Everything is Miscellaneous." David's presentation was one of the fastest (in terms of words per minute) presentation that I have ever attended. Yet, it made perfect sense.

As someone who is very passionate about data mining, information retrieval and latent semantic analysis, I found David's definition to be eye opening. It's amazing how you live and breathe one thing and then suddenly a few words make you think that's all you have been wanting to here. I will provide the definition here but it has a context to which ithttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif belongs which must be understood to really appreciate this definition. The classical way to define metadata is that it is "data about data." David takes this definition to one step further and says that metadata is data itself and that "metadata is what users know" and "data is what they are searching for."

Some other ideas presented were: GoLoco, ExpoTv and LiveLook.

BTW, at the next New York MySQL Meetup, I am presenting a session on scaling InnoDB. If you are in New York, stop by for a few drinks (and to attend the presentation :) )

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