Sunday, June 10, 2007

No, I didn't release MySQL Archiver, Baron did

On my earlier post, I got a comment that PlanetMySQL outage was related to a data center issue. However, something I am seeing tells me a different story.

Baron (Xaprb) released MySQL Archiver. However, today's PlanetMySQL outage seems to have caused an interesting effect: it seems to have gotten confused about the relationship between posts.

So here's what is happening:

The post was written by Baron. My name is linking to my blog ( The post's title "MySQL Archiver 0.9.2 released" is linking to a post I made today (

Of course, the post should be linking to ( and my name shouldn't be there.

This doesn't looks good at all.

UPDATE: It seems like the relations on Planet MySQL are off by one.

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