Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Storage: SATA Beast

Recently I have seen storage companies being evaluated at various occasions. I have talked to various vendors and their customers to get an idea of experiences, frustrations and most importantly, sustained performance. At this month's New York MySQL Meetup Marc Simony brought up something I hadn't heard of: SATA Beast. On a quick glance it seems it has some impressive features at what seems to be an amazingly low cost.

Update: To clarify, SATA Beast was of interest to me for storage solutions where sequential IO is needed, vs. random IO that is generated by databases such as MySQL. I was working on finding storage solution for our media, not databases. Using something like SATA Beast for our non-db storage will allow us to use 3Par solely for database purposes, the IO of which can then be further optimized.

Thank you, Jeremy, for reminding me to clarify this important distinction.



Jeremy Cole said...

Hi Frank,

You missed a key fact: When you say it has amazing features, what are you evaluating it for? As a MySQL storage solution, or a general file (image, video) storage solution?



Frank said...

Of course, I forgot to clarify that. My apologies :)

The post has now been updated.