Monday, April 24, 2006

MySQL UC: Arriving in San Francisco

Me and my wife arrived safe and sound in San Francisco on Friday afternoon. The flight was long but not too bad. Early in the flight there was a lot of turbulence but the pilot warned us about it.

I have never been to San Francisco and much like Roland, its beauty and landscape swept me from my feet.

After arriving I went straight to Hertz to pick up a car that I had already reserved. Since
they didn't have the car I reserved, they gave me a free upgrade to Sonata, which I must say
is quite a car.

We drove to Monterey, CA to see my sister in law's family. The drive was very scenic. In the
way we saw (but didn't take) the exit for Mountain View, CA (Hint: Google). We were
literally starving by this time as we live about 2 hours away from Atlanta and after being
up since 4:00 AM, I just couldn't think of anything other than food. So we took the next
exit (I don't remember which one) and found an Indian restaurant (Bombay Oven)
with very yummy food. So tasty that I plan to revisit the restaurant, possibly with some of
my friends.

In Monterey, I spent a lovely day and a half. Our host family took us to a lovely hike to
Pfieffer Falls which was just awesome. I must confess that the drive from Monterey to Big
Sur was one of the most scenic drives I have ever been on. My sister in law's husband, Vic,
works for the US Navy and is a very experienced and friendly geek. He has been designing
systems for about 20 years now. He took me on a very special tour of Navy's Post Graduate
College and showed me his office which requires biometric identification.

Today, I went with my wife to the Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey and saw many Sea Lions
sleeping and playing on the ocean. I accidentally forgot my camcorder at home so couldn't record my time there.

Tonight I finally checked in at a hotel in Milpitas, CA. It's only minutes away from the convention center. As soon as we checked in, we decided to get a bite. I was in mood for some wings but after driving for more than 30 minutes, we decided to eat at the Panda Express.
Then I saw a commercial on local TV at my hotel room that actually said the words "Red Hat Linux." I don't remember ever seeing a commercial in GA referencing RHEL so I thought I would note this down.

It was very nice of Roland Bouman to invite me to go with him and Markus Popp to pick Mike
up from SFO. Unfortunately I got the email really late in the day
and therefore missed the great opportunity to hang out with them which I greatly regret.

In the morning, I will be attending the tutorial by Arjen Lentz, "Optimizing MySQL Applications Using the Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture". Then, I will be attending Peter Zaitsev's MySQL Performance Optimization . I am really looking forward to both of these tutorials.

I will be posting my conference schedule tomorrow evening after the dinner hosted by MySQL.

On Thursday, I will be presenting the Applied Ruby on Rails and AJAX session.

Thank you MySQL, for hosting this conference at such a beautiful place and giving me and others the opportunity to come to California.

I must go to bed now so I can be at the conference on time ;)

-- Frank


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