Thursday, April 20, 2006

Flying to San Francisco

Tomorrow morning around 4, I will be leaving for San Francisco to attend MySQL UC like many of my friends. It will be a very long flight but I am very excited to meet people whom I know by name but not by face.

I am really short of words to thank MySQL for giving me the opportunity to come to SF.

If you are arriving in SF a bit early, please drop me a line and lets plan to get together for dinner or drinks.


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rpbouman said...


Me and Markus Popp will be meeting Mike Kruckenberg on SFO tomorrow, sunday 23rd at approx. 9:30.

Mike's flying in from Boston (don't know the flight no.) I'll be wearing a red 'hoodie', and Mike will be wearing a red fleece. I'll be holding a sign saying 'Mike I'm HERE'.

We plan todo some sightseeing - at least the golden gate bridge. We havent planned the rest of the day.

So, if you're still in San Francisco, you can meet us there and we can do something.