Thursday, April 20, 2006

Flying to San Francisco

Tomorrow morning around 4, I will be leaving for San Francisco to attend MySQL UC like many of my friends. It will be a very long flight but I am very excited to meet people whom I know by name but not by face.

I am really short of words to thank MySQL for giving me the opportunity to come to SF.

If you are arriving in SF a bit early, please drop me a line and lets plan to get together for dinner or drinks.



rpbouman said...


Me and Markus Popp will be meeting Mike Kruckenberg on SFO tomorrow, sunday 23rd at approx. 9:30.

Mike's flying in from Boston (don't know the flight no.) I'll be wearing a red 'hoodie', and Mike will be wearing a red fleece. I'll be holding a sign saying 'Mike I'm HERE'.

We plan todo some sightseeing - at least the golden gate bridge. We havent planned the rest of the day.

So, if you're still in San Francisco, you can meet us there and we can do something.


Helen said...

When you will be meeting again?