Sunday, April 02, 2006

I have a dream!

The bad side effect of working too late on projects is that you end up dreaming about them.

Well, yesterday night when I went to sleep I dreamt that there was a cool favorites badge of the MySQL community posted on Planet MySQL where all the visitors could see favorites posted to the community in real time. The favorites badge would look something like this:

and / or

The benefit of having a badge like this would be that all the passionate MySQL users would build a joint favorites repository that could be tagged and expanded by anyone. It would be really cool to see the latest trends and patterns of such an initiative. One thing is for sure that finding and organizing new resources as they relate to MySQL would be a breeze.

So I woke up today and just couldn't stop myself from building an interface that does just that. The query I used to get the data from the table is provided here (includes some Ruby on Rails code):

Favorite.find_by_sql("SELECT AS id, AS name, COUNT(*) AS count FROM tags_favorites, favorites, members, friends_members, tags WHERE tags_favorites.tag_id = AND tags_favorites.favorite_id = AND =#{} AND friends_members.member_id = AND favorites.member_id = friends_members.friend_id #{p_append} GROUP BY ORDER BY #{order_string} LIMIT #{num}")

The first part of my dream has been realized and it is presented here. Assuming some passionate MySQL users lend me a hand, this badge can be populated in no time. However, before anyone can contribute to a badge like this, they will need to join Adoppt and be a member of the MySQL community (there are only three members at the time of writing, myself, CJ and faeriebell). In addition, a representative of PlanetMySQL will need to create/put the badge code on PlanetMySQL.

I'm not sure how far this idea will go but hey it was a dream and it lead me to add a "collaborative bookmarking badge" feature to Adoppt.

More about the favorites badge feature at Mr. Adoppt's blog. Also see the bookmarklet to quickly bookmark your favorites.

-- Frank

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