Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bootstrapping: MySQL Users Conference

I just came out of a keynote session by Greg Gianforte, CEO of RightNow Technologies about "Bootstrapping: Starting an Open Source Business with Almost No Money!"

My raw notes (more to come)

1. call lots of people and talk about the issues to them
2. fax or email your idea to 300 people and talk to them
3. build a prototype and personally start selling. [first start selling yourself]
4. after finding a prospect: sell
5. advertising budget is already committed.
6. D&B is asking for company info and detailed financial data. Respectfully refuse.
7. just starting out and not an office that can acommodate
8 how many people in the business if working alone? 5 people (accountant, spouse etc.

Overall, a great session with lots of tips.

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Many congratulations to Roland and Markus for receiving community awards at the morning keynote session.

Yesterday, I got to meet Arjen Lentz, Jeremy Cole, Colin Charles, Kaj Arnö, Peter and Tobias in person at the MySQL speakers reception. In addition, I met Jan, the creator of Lighttpd and Greg of CleverSafe. Jan told me the correct way to pronounce Lighttpd is "lighty". I had a great time asking Jan a lot of questions about why and how to migrate to lighty from Apache.

I am really trying to find some friends here at MySQL UC especially Jay Pipes, Sheeri Kritzer, Markus, Ronald, Roland and everyone contributing to PlanetMySQL, but so far no luck. Sheeri was lucky in finding some of them but I am still trying. Sheeri's photos helped me spot who's wearing what so I can look for everyone (Thanks Sheeri).

If you are at the conference and spot me, stop me and say hi. My conference badge says my real name "Farhan Mashraqi". I look forward to seeing you.



Mike Kruckenberg said...

Jay should be easy since he got up this morning and is wearing a hat that says "Jay Pipes." The other folks you are looking for are meeting near the elevator at 12:30 today to be together for lunch.

Frank said...

My luck, I just got this message after lunch.

Thanks for the tip Mike. I will keep looking for everyone.