Saturday, February 09, 2008

Yahoo! rejects Microsoft's hostile bid

Yup, Yahoo! has finally decided to show balls and reject Microsoft's bid.

Thinking just from search point of view, a Microsoft-Yahoo merger is less evil for the search economy (and by extension online economy) than a Yahoo-Google deal. Of course, this is based on my biased view.

Update: I wonder how long before YHOO drop back to their pre-Microsoft-bid levels.

Update 2: Yahoo's 'Demented Board' rejects Microsoft.

Update 3: fixed typo.

Update 4: I should specify that the ideal outcome for Yahoo!, is to survive on its own without selling to Microsoft and without a deal with Google.


Anonymous said...

You mean Yahoo-Google deal, not Microsoft-Google deal, of course?

Frank said...

berekuk, thanks, yes, that's what I meant. I have corrected the typo.