Wednesday, February 06, 2008

re: and in Google

So I don't know who's in charge for this at MySQL so I thought I would just gain their attention by posting here. In addition, I hope this can help others in similar need/situation of serving content on multiple domains.

Basically MySQL serves content on both and which is a NO NO from the point of view of major search engines, most notably Google. Both domains go to the same IP (at least when I checked). This can potentially trigger duplicate content penalty and may even be hurting MySQL's ranking in SERPs (Search engine result pages).

Google seems to be already aware of the other domain.

Right way to serve content over multiple domains?
The ideal way to deal with serving content over multiple domains is to use a 301 Permanent Redirect from one domain to another. So when users go to a 301 redirect should take them to

Don't dilute your PageRank
One more thing, by serving same content on multiple domains, you are diluting your PageRank. Using 301 redirect consolidates both your PageRank and potentially valuable incoming links.

BTW, This advice is not just for If you are serving content over multiple domains, then it can trigger Google's famous duplicate content penalty. The penalty is severe specially if you serve Google's contextual advertising on all those domains as that can potentially get your site wrongfully classified as a MFA or "Made for Adsense" site.

One quick note: there is an exception to this where if your last 2 subnets of IP address for both domains are different then there seems to be a lesser chance of penalty associated with duplicated content. At least, this was true until not so long ago.

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