Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fotolog seeks MySQL DBA

Fotolog is seeking a MySQL DBA. You'll be working with me in a fast-paced, small-team-running-a-very-large-scale environment.

• 14th most trafficked site (Alexa)
• 3rd most active social network (ComScore)
• Parent company: Hi-Media (France)

• Work with Director of Database Infrastructure to maintain/improve and support a high traffic, fine-tuned, scalable and reliable database environment on a day-to-day basis.
• Pro-active and reactive performance analysis, monitoring, troubleshooting and resolution of issues.
• Optimize and tune contentions within the database environment
• Create logging environment(s) to log usage statistics about the environment
• Regularly monitor and periodically conduct random tests of restoration from backups generated within the environment
• Participate in large storage engine migrations
• Compile/patch/install MySQL
• Work closely with operations, development and product teams to ensure smooth deployment of new iterations and availability of database services.
• Create scripts for monitoring key server utilization indicators using DTrace/Perl etc.
• Migrate production systems from MySQL 4.x to 5.x

Ideal Candidates:
Note: (You’re encouraged to apply even if you are missing a few of these guidelines)
• BS in Computer Science or equivalent
• Minimum 3 years experience with Linux, Unix or Solaris
• Minimum 2 years of MySQL experience in production environment
• Experience with Partitioned architecture(s) and data shards
• Production experience with tuning and administering moderate-large scale mission critical MySQL/InnoDB environments.
• Experience with optimizing InnoDB for both OLTP and DW queries
• Experience with estimating database capacity planning
• Passion for hunting bottlenecks and optimizing IO operations
• Solid experience with both SQL and MySQL internals
• Experience with performance analysis tools for MySQL
• In-depth experience with storage engines
• Experience with backup methodologies for MySQL
• Document best practices and routine procedures
• In-depth knowledge of MySQL tuning parameters and performance strategies
• Experience with MySQL replication
• Excellent communication and problem solving skills with attention to detail without losing the big picture
• Must be a team player as well as able to tackle projects on your own upon assignment.
• Able to handle high stress situations without losing calm and focus.
• Comfortable with carrying a pager and participating in “on call” assignments with other members of the operations team and willing to provide 24/7 escalated on-call support.
• Experience with creating and deploying scripts to automate tasks wherever possible.
• Experience with benchmarking methodologies / tools / best practices
• Experience in supporting MySQL for production / development and QA environment(s).

• Experience with storage arrays / 3Par
• Experience with master/master replication
• Experience with Hibernate
• Alumni of MySQL Conference
• Active MySQL community member or Planet MySQL blogger
• MySQL Proxy experience
• Experience with disaster recovery

• You’ll be working at our office on 5th Ave., in New York City. We are just a block away from Union Square. Please note that telecommuting is not an option for this job.

• Only the candidates themselves should send their resume to fmashraqi at fotolog dot com.

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