Sunday, February 10, 2008

InnoDB Sessions at MySQL Conference

This year MySQL Conference features some of the best talks on InnoDB and I couldn't be more excited. We'll be hearing from Heikki Tuuri, Ken Jacobs, Mark Callaghan, Vadim Tkachenko, Peter Zaitsev and me :)

Kudos to conference organizers have really done a great job in balancing the sessions this year.

MySQL conference is a great venue to get up to date with what's happening with your favorite database/storage engine. Early registrations end soon so save yourself some money and register now.

If you have known me for sometime or if you are a regular blog reader, please send me a note and I will send you a coupon code to save even more when you register at the conference. You can email me at sofwareengineer99 at yahoo.

Without further ado, here are mouth watering InnoDB sessions scheduled for this year.

Mark Callaghan: Helping InnoDB Scale on Servers with Many CPU Cores and Disks

Ken Jacobs: InnoDB: Status, Architecture and New Features

Heikki Tuuri / Ken Jacobs: InnoDB: Fast, Reliable, Proven Transactional Storage for MySQL

Vadim Tkachenko and Peter Zaitsev: Investigating InnoDB Scaling Limits

Heikki Tuuri: InnoDB: Status, Architecture and New Features

Farhan "Frank" Mashraqi (Me): Optimizing MySQL and InnoDB on Solaris 10 for World's Largest Photo Blogging Community


Anonymous said...

I'm totally going to Heikki's talk and heckling him :)

George GuimarĂ£es said...

Man, i really would like to go... but traveling from Brazil to USA is kinda expensive. =D

I hope we could watch a record or something. I'd pay for that, easily...