Tuesday, February 28, 2006

MySQL Chicklets can help promote MySQL

Today I came across very neat buttons (chicklets) for W3C. The best thing about the chicklets is that they take very little space and convey the message elegantly.

For many of my projects, I would like to include a "includes MySQL" logo to give MySQL credit for providing a wonderful software. However, as you can see, the sheer size of "Includes MySQL" logo is quite heavy for the screen real-estate.

Why should MySQL authorize the use of these chicklets?
Because then developers can place the MySQL chicklet without hesitation on their side bars as it will consume little space.

So using Silkscreen, a small free font for Web graphics, I created a proof of concept for MySQL chicklets.

Do not use/distribute these chicklets without permission from MySQL AB.

Please note that these are only proof of concepts chicklets and you should not use them until MySQL AB approves them for use (and puts them on their web site). I am publishing them here only to get MySQL's attention (and possible approval). MySQL is the trademark of MySQL AB and it's trademark policy is available here.

Do you like these chicklets? Do you hate them? I would love to know. Maybe your comments can help me convince MySQL that they should allow the use of the above chicklets.

Does anyone know where should I write to get permission for these chicklets? If MySQL AB approves, then I will update this blog entry. Otherwise, I will simply remove the chicklets.



Anonymous said...

Likely to want a lower case Y in there.

Andrew Gilfrin said...

I think they look great and would love to use them if MySQL AB approved them.

Anonymous said...

pretty sweet frank! I'll ask around to see how we can use them. Like Andrew said, though. Would be cool to have the lowercase "y" :) I know, I know. We're picky!

Frank said...

Hey guys, thank for your input.

An updated version of this post is available here: