Saturday, February 25, 2006

MySQL UC 2006: Watching everyone go!

As the time for MySQL UC 2006 approaches closer, all my blogosphere friends are excited about going to the event of the year, that is except me of course.

The sessions are so mouth watering that I can hardly control myself.

I really wanted to be at the conference myself but unfortunately won't be able to make it this year.

Lately I have been working crazily trying to integrate Lucene with my Ruby on Rails based application. I first tried Ferret by Dave Balmain and it was working just fine however I needed some serious scalability for this application and after a week of research and testing, I finally decided to go with Lucene.

Today I bought Lucene in Action by Erik Hatcher and while it has some great information, I was kinda disappointed that he didn't go into implementation details using XML RPC. Nonetheless the book is a real gem.

The challenge was to integrate Lucene using XML RPC. After an entire day, the good news is that I have the server working. Now I just need to polish it up.

And after five years, I am finally developing in Java. Feels so weird to come back to a language.


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