Tuesday, February 14, 2006

MySQL DBA Interview

Yesterday I gave an hour long interview to a firm that ranks top 10 within it's industry. Out of the many people interviewing me, most of them were pro-MS SQL server even though the company had everything on MySQL.

The interviewers repeatedly asked me about how will I migrate to MS SQL server from MySQL? I on the other hand kept pushing for MySQL telling them that there is no need to go with MS SQL server as they can do everything they want with MySQL. I did ended up telling them about how I would go about migrating in the end.

I felt a concern that for some reason they weren't sure about MySQL's future and the acquisition of Innobase by Oracle (Heck they didn't know about BDB's acquisition).

Anyway, I am currently waiting to hear from them.



Anonymous said...

Weird interview. Sounds as though they had a view they wanted to push or just didn't understand that you're more likely to migrate to MySQL, not the other way around.

Will be real fun if they ask me what the plans are to migrate Wikipedia from MySQL to MS SQL Server. :)

James Day

Frank said...

Your comment left me ROFL.

Very true, they definitely seemed to push their way. I think they were more comfortable in costing the organization money, rather than saving them.

Next time someone asks me on how to migrate, I am going to refer your post to them.

Thank for your comment. Its much appreciated.