Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MySQL 5 Certification and some random stuff

I have been thinking about taking a MySQL 5 certification exam for some time now and recent posts by Markus about Procedure Analyze option and by Gilfrin gave me a good enough reason to write about it.

So far I have not had the chance to become MySQL certified simply because my engagements have kept me quite busy. Now that I have been looking for work, I find some time on hand to jump right on the bandwagon and start preparing for MySQL 5 certification exam.

As both Markus and Gilfrin point out in their posts, studying for certification definitely has its own benefits. You get to know the cream of the knowledge. Sometimes the yummiest tips are hidden in certification exams. For e.g. I will be the first to confess that I didn't know about the procedure analyze option until I read Markus' post.

Talking about yummy tips, I had no idea that using "onClick" can cause a page not to validate as valid XHTML 1.0 using W3 validator. Why not? Well you will just have to read my post on my company's blog (Hint: it has something to do with casing). BTW, not that my relatively small company is suffering from bozo explosion of any sort, but I would like to point that I will be blogging regularly on the company blog under my real name. I am also planning to dig through my code that I have written over the years and post them on my blogs.

My community project which uses MySQL 5 and Lucene to power full text searches is also almost ready.

On a related note, I got a job offer today from Las Vegas. The company wanted me to relocate there so I just had to say no.

I have been working on writing a paper regarding the best strategies for MySQL mirroring which I plan to publish here (at least parts of it) when it gets ready.

I haven't heard anything official from MySQL about the chicklets so I may just have to take them offline. Thanks to Gilfrin for showing his interest. I really love them but can't use them without MySQL's permission.



Markus Popp said...

Great thing :-) - I wish you good luck at the exam!

Will you be at the Conference? There's a discount price ($ 75.00 each), if you take the exam there. I hope, I can take my upgrade exams there, too.

Markus Popp said...

Oups - stupid question whether you will take the exam at the Conference, as you recently wrote that you'll not be there. That's a pity!

Frank said...

Markus, I really really wanted to be there but due to my business having some temporarily down swing (partner backing out at last minute) I just can't make it this year.

I feel so envious of everyone (in a good way) as I know I am missing out on a great opportunity.

Hope to meet you next year.