Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pro Rails and Applied Ruby on Rails: What do you want to learn?

Pro Rails by Farhan Mashraqi

Ruby on Rails is exciting programmers and developers everywhere. I have been working on a book about Rails which will be called Pro Rails.

I would like to know what the MySQL DBA's would like to learn most about Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Web 2.0 and Lucene?

I can't guarantee I will be able to include all your questions in the book or my upcoming presentation but I will try my best to answer it.

So ask your questions right away or e-mail them to me at softwareengineer99 at yahoo dot com.

If you're interested in beta reading my book as it's released chapter by chapter let me know. I will select up to 15 people.

So let me know soon.


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