Monday, March 20, 2006

MySQL DBA Interview Questions

From time to time, I have found that companies are most interested in asking me the following questions when giving a job interview:

1. Oracle: Is it possible to recover data from cold and hot backups.
2. MySQL: When is it OK to use MyISAM table type?
3. When should one use InnoDB table type?
4. Linux: How can you find the exit status code of a program
5. Linux: What does the output of ipcs show?
6. What are the different MySQL table types? Comment on each one. [Also see: MySQL Table types and storage engines]
7. Linux: Extract the UIDs from the passwd file
8. How do you repair a MySQL table?
9. If MySQL fails to start properly, what would you do?
10. What are your strategies for migrating from MSSQL and Oracle to MySQL?
11. What is physical and logical replication and which one does MySQL use?
12. Have you been in a position where you were required to carry a pager/cell phone and be "available" 24 hours?
13. What is the minimum salary you'd consider? Give me a ball park figure. For e.g. $100K, $80K etc.
14. Can you relocate to _______?
15. Will you need any assistance with relocation?
16. When can you start?

Update 03-21-06
How would you find and remove the log files?

Update 03-23-06
What are semaphores?
Can you backup a database while it's running?
How can you control the number of semaphores through a kernel?
How would find all the core files under the current directory and delete them?
How would you add 4 slaves to an existing replication setup?
If one of the slaves has fallen behind, how can you make it catch up?
If the master has "died" for four days, what would you do?

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I would like to know what other questions have you been asked in job interviews?


Typical MySQL DBA requirements


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