Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MySQL 5.1 still in beta?

After reading about the new MySQL events feature some time ago, I wanted to see if something like the following could be setup using MySQL events feature:

We mark a record to be deleted in a table.
After 5 days the record is deleted.

Obviously this could be done using a cron job but I just wanted to play with MySQL events feature.

When I went to download MySQL 5.1, I saw that it is still in beta. I am hesitant about using MySQL 5.1 on my production server so I am going to wait.

MySQL gurus, any ideas when is it expected to be released out of beta?

BTW, has anyone been able to use MySQL 5.0 and MySQL 5.1 on one server?



Anonymous said...

5.1 is only just feature complete. Definitely a bad idea to use it on the only production server if reliability and lack of bugs matters! Unless you're desperate for the new features... which are likely to be the most buggy bits.

Likely to be at least a few months before it's not beta. Depends on how many people test it and how quickly the bugs get fixed.

If you or anyone wants to help it along, now is the perfect time to start using it on a single slave in a multiple server setup or on every test server in sight!

Would be nice to have it released for the Users Conference but that's a tough target.

James Day

Anonymous said...

If you use it for internal development of new apps, it's perfectly okay to use a beta... or even an alpha version.

When MySQL 4.0 first came out, we immediately started development using the alpha versions and our impression was: What MySQL calls "alpha" is still better than what Microsoft calls "stable" :-)

Markus Popp said...

Hi Frank,

MySQL 5.1 has still a lot of rough edges - there are currently 10 active bug reports (most of them about the event scheduler) from me alone. I also wouldn't recommand it for production use, however, testers are very much needed, so it would be great if you could set it up as second database server on your machine ;-).

You have to set different directories and ports for both servers. So if your MySQL 5.1 installation resides in C:\mysql51 or in /mysql51 on Linux, you could set your my.ini/my.cnf file like this:

basedir=/mysql51 # C:/mysql51
datadir=/mysql51/data # c:/mysql51/data

Then put the my.ini/my.cnf files into the data directory of each server.

If you need more help, let me know ;-).

I don't know anything official about time plans, but I don't expect MySQL 5.1 to be GA before summer (in the northern hemishere). I know that the developers have still a lot of work to do, but everybody who helps testing and reports bugs might help to make it work a little bit earlier.

Frankly Speaking! said...

James, Thank you for your comment. A "few months" is a quite long time :) but I am just dying to play with the new features.

Anon, I agree MySQL's alpha is at times more stable than MS's stable.

Markus, I may end up following your advice and install MySQL 5.1 on a separate directory. Thank you for providing the brief summary of how I would go about it. Any ideas if there could be a potential issue with my current installation?

Also, Markus, I would like to ask you something. I will soon post a comment on your blog about it.

Thanks y'all

Markus Popp said...

If you choose a different directory and a different port, no harm should happen ;-).

meeero said...

i'd even like to use 5.2 yet, currently i've got 5 production-servers, running mysql 5.0 and seriously, i can't await 5.1 ;)