Thursday, March 02, 2006

MySQL chicklets version 2

Thank you Andrew, Jay and Anonymous for commenting on my previous post about MySQL chicklets.

Here's the version 2 with lower-case Y. Man you guys are picky ;)

MySQL 5 Chicklets

The font used for the text unfortunately didn't have a lowercase "y" so I had to use some "hacking" to get it to "look like" lower cased Y.

I think it would work. What do you think?

Jay, I was almost about to give up hope, so thank you once again for commenting. I would love to see these chicklets on every project that uses MySQL.

-- Frank



Sheeri said...

I think they're great! I didn't comment on the last one because I liked the idea and did not want to say "yeah, good idea" with no real content. But "yeah, good idea!". I should put those up on ASAP.

May I?

LenZ said...

Hi Frank, thanks a lot for your work on these! Sorry to sound picky, but IMHO the letters are too spread apart from each other and the Y still looks too much as a capital Y to me...

Frankly Speaking! said...


Thanks for your comment. I am communicating with MySQL currently to see how they can be incorporated. From my side you and everyone is free to use them BUT MySQL is the real owner of the Sakila and so I must wait to hear from them.

In my next post, I will be opening up the communication with MySQL so far.

Thank you for your input. I am working on creating a revision.