Monday, March 13, 2006

More Sneak Peaks into Adoppt - and Chicklet update

Big thanks to Roland for finding the first bug with the system which has now been fixed.

I have installed a bug tracker which is accessible at

As I mentioned in my last post, Adoppt uses 33 MySQL tables (combination of Innodb + MyIsam) and here is a screenshot of the names of those tables. If time permits, I will be posting the UML diagrams soon as well.

In the mean time you can see how this all translates to create the following public home page for a user. Mine for instance is accessible at

One cool thing I really like about Adoppt it that in addition to creating an on-site blog, you can add your external blogs to the system by 'claiming them.' The blog claiming process is really simple and takes only a few moments.

Additional screenshots and latest usage guides are available at Adoppt Blog.

Below are the updated versions for the proposed MySQL chicklets (Thank you Arjen and Sheeri for your support and comments). I really really hope that MySQL authorizes their use or atleast uses the concept. So far this is the latest info I received from MySQL's Eric.

I've arranged a meeting for next week to discuss this with some folks.
I'm afraid things such as this are never as simple as one might think they should be. Any company's identity is an important asset that must be carefully guarded. And in our case it involves our beloved Sakila!

I'll give it to you straight: the initial consensus was that they were not suitable as is because they diluted our identity, although the
first versions were well-liked. I know, that sounds horribly corporate, but
from our perspective it's necessary to think of it this way.

The concept, however, is a good one, and in fact something we had previously identified as something we should do. Most likely what will happen at this point is that we will create a version of it that we feel suitably reflects our identity, and then get approval for that from our marketing and legal departments. I imagine it will take a cue from yours, and you also must get credit for getting the ball rolling here. We'll find some way of ensuring you are recognized for your



Many thanks to Eric for taking this one step further. I can imagine the process you and others will have to go through to get this approved. :)


Update: Special thanks from the Adoppt Crew


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