Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Microsoft wants to know "what is myiSam"?

Thank you to all my blog readers. I was just checking my traffic stats and was quite happy to see that my blog received 11,383 unique visitors in February alone. Mostly people search for errors such as "Cannot connect..." and "How to upgrade ..." etc.

As I was look through my stats, I found an interesting visitor from Here are the interesting details about that visitor:

IP Address 131.107.XX.XX
Date 01 Mar, Wed, 21:34:52
Net Speed Cable/DSL
Organization Microsoft Corp
Browser MSIE 6
Continent North America
Operating System Windows XP
Country United States
Screen Resolution 1024x768
State / Region Washington
Screen Color 32 Bit (16.7M)
City Bellevue
Javascript Enabled
Search Engine None
Keywords what, myisam

Now why would someone from Microsoft want to know about "What is myiSam"?

Also, why would he/she use Google even when Microsoft has their own search engine?

This was just too funny for me to ignore.

Could it be that they want to start using MySQL (you know, for performance reasons)?

-- Frank


Markus Popp said...

I'm pretty sure that many Microsoft developers have quite a good private opinion about many Open Source Products. As far as I know, many Microsoft developers were even involved in Linux development in its early days and had Penguin puppets on their desks in their Microsoft office ;-).

Today, they won't be able to express their opinions as open as they could some time ago, but I guess that not all Microsoft developers really like the business strategy of their company. But it's their job, Microsoft pays them their money and so they won't speak out too loud in favor of Open Source products.

PS: is this a coincidence that the server just broke down when I tried to defend Microsoft's developers? *lol*

Frankly Speaking! said...

Man, it's so wrong of Microsoft to have taken developers away from Linux and the Open Source world.

You're right though that they are not going to talk about their job in a manner that's "too loud."

It's funny that blogger broke down. May be they don't want you defending MS :)


Markus Popp said...

That's what I thought, too ;-).

But I didn't want to defend the company Microsoft, only (some of?) the developers.

Microsoft (the company) looks to me like schizophrenic and paranoid, but that's a chapter of its own.

(I hope, I don't get arrested and accused for writing that when I travel to the States ;-))

Frankly Speaking! said...

Nah man, you won't get arrested for saying something that most people know :)

Have you checked the 6 versions of Vista? That's just crazy.


Markus Popp said...

Vista will be the best argument to finally *really* fulfill my move to use Linux as desktop OS, too ;-).

Anonymous? said...

It is possible that it wasn't Microsoft. Everyone who works 'for' microsoft uses internal ip address, all routed through Redmond. I am not in redmond, but look at my information. I am using the latest firefox, because I prefer it for my personal browsing. As well, see my 137.X.X.X address... I'm not Msoft, I work for a consultant company whom works extremely close with Msoft (*My title is Microsoft XXXXX), we all have company computers, on the internal network. But I will say, Keep up the awesome work!

Linux Rocks!

-Msoft Employee

ray said...

oops. I visited using a proxy and ip spoofing :) .

serious ?