Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Java getting fully Open Source

The big news coming from Java One is that Sun is removing the last licensing hurdles in Java. What this means is Java is becoming fully Open Source.

Java users can especially thank Sun now. Also this supports Sun's vision of Open Source.

"We've been engaging with the open-source community for Java to finish off the OpenJDK project, and the specific thing that we've been working on with them is clearing the last bits that we didn't have the rights," to distribute, Sands said.

"Over the past year, we have pretty much removed most of those encumbrances," Sands said. Work still needs to be done to offer the Java sound engine and SNMP code via open source; that effort is expected to be completed this year. Developers, though, may be able to proceed without a component like the sound engine, Sands said.

Source: Yahoo News

I think Monty found the right environment to work in.

Update: Original post mentioned "Java now fully Open Source" however as the article points, Java is expected to become fully open source later this year. I wonder how much role MySQL conference played in this announcement coming earlier.


Anonymous said...

Yes that is a appreciating moment for all those java programmers who use to see down the line. And with the acquition of mySQL and SUN the things seems bit more encouraging..

But hopefully i want to know about the SUN's plan to take on mySQL to next level as a open source. And provide it as a complete package with that of Netbeans, Apache, GlassFish, Solaris and adding to that mySQL..

Ricky_Mehra said...

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