Friday, April 25, 2008

Scaling Up Or Out - Keynote at MySQL Conference 2008

At this year's MySQL Conference I was invited to be a keynote panelist at Scaling MySQL Up Or Out keynote. Other keynote panelists included Jeff Rothschild (VP of technology at Facebook and a consulting partner with Accel Partners), Paul Tuckfield (DBA at YouTube), John Allspaw (manager of operations engineering at Flickr) and Domas Mituzas (DBA at Wikipedia). There were also representatives from MySQL (Monty Taylor) and Sun (Matt Ingenthron).

I really enjoyed being a keynote panelist with my peers. We were seated according to our Alexa ranking with the highest ranking YouTube on the right side. Even though I was representing the thirteenth largest site, our traffic compared to Facebook and YouTube was humbling.

All of the keynote panelists met early in the morning to get equipped with microphones and to go over the format.

See the video (below) to hear some funny "can't say" answers by Paul Tuckfield. I wish Google won't keep him so secretive about numbers such as how many database servers etc. Does that really give out YouTube's secrets?

Following are some photos, videos and links to notes from the keynote.

Keynote: Scaling Up or Out at MySQL Conference and Expo 2008
From left to right:
Monty Taylor (MySQL),Matt Ingenthron (Sun), John Allspaw (Flickr), Farhan "Frank" Mashraqi (Fotolog), Domas Mituzas (MySQL/Wikipedia), Jeff Rothschild (Facebook) and Paul Tuckfield (YouTube)

Scaling MySQL Keynote
Jam packed ballroom during the keynote.

Above Photos copyright: James Duncan Davidson.

Kaj Arnö leads the scaling MySQL keynote panel discussion.

John Allspaw, me, Domas Mituzas
Me getting animated.

Domas Mituzas, Jeff Rothschild and Paul Tuckfield at Scaling Up Or Out Keynote
Domas Mituzas, Jeff Rothschild and Paul Tuckfield at the keynote.

Scaling MySQL Up or Out
Matt answers a question as everyone listens

More photos from the keynote session are available at

Video of keynote session:

- Sheeri/Technocation: Download, Play

- A short video by Zack Urlocker

Notes from scaling up or out keynote:
- Biographies of keynote panelists
- Keith Murphy: Scaling MySQL - - Up or Out? Panel @ UC
- Ronald Bradford: Scaling Wisdom
- Venu Anuganti: Notes from Scaling MySQL Up or Out

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