Monday, April 21, 2008

Back from the MySQL conference

This morning I landed back at my home airport, EWR, after spending a fun-filled week and a half at the MySQL Conference 2008.

This year's conference was the best ever for me. I have a lot of people to thank and a lot to blog about. The number of pings I have received about lack of my blogging during conference is truly humbling. However, I did have a good reason for not being able to blog.

First, I was presenting three sessions, with two on the final day of the conference. Since I have the habit of continuously revising my presentations, that put a little bit of pressure on me. A big thanks to all those who came to my sessions.

Second, I was given a great opportunity to be a keynote panelist at the "Scaling up or out" session at the MySQL Conference. If you missed the keynote, you can watch the full video of the keynote posted by Sheeri.

Third, me, my wife and a few friends were invited to a trip of the lifetime by hardcore community evangelists at Proven Scaling (Jeremy Cole, Eric Bergen and Mike Griffiths). We had a great time visiting Yosemite National Park (more on this later). This was my first time without checking email or being on the Internet in nine years.

Now that I am back, I intend to put all my thoughts regarding the conference and the trip as blog posts in the coming days so stay tuned.


Ronald Bradford said...

Good to hear you finally left your pager/phone our of reach for a break.

Frank said...

Thanks, Ronald. It was more relaxing than I ever imagined. Definitely a lesson for me to learn :)


Sheeri K. Cabral said...

Good to see you, and glad you got to relax.