Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Going to MySQL Camp

So November has started and I am really excited to be going to the MySQL Camp. It will be great to finally see everyone again. In other exciting news, Ronald Bradford is coming to New York, Yay!

I will get to Mountain View on Thursday night and will also be renting a car. Jay Pipes and Ronald have already made a "call for free ride" however if you are still looking for a ride, feel free to message me. Since Jay Pipes is hanging out at the airport for sometime on Thursday, I will try to give him some company.

I will be staying at Best Western, Mountain View.

As has been pointed earlier, you do need to register for the camp (FREE) for security reasons. I sent my registration last week.

The Participants page has been updated by someone (Jay probably) to show who is registered. You can now add your name there along with the extra information needed.

PS: On the MySQL Camp home page, the link to the Participants page is broken. I tried to edit it to correct the link but got the message:

This page is locked. Only administrators and moderators may edit it.
If someone with appropriate permissions to the Wiki reads this, can we please correct the link. It currently points to instead of


Anonymous said...

Thanks for catching the typo. Dang wiki syntax, oh why must they ALL be different? :)

Frank said...

Thanks for fixing it Jay. I know what you mean. 6 Wikis = 6 different syntaxes ;)