Friday, November 10, 2006

mod_ndb: REST Web Services API for MySQL

I am sitting in JD Duncan's session "Introducing mod_ndb, a REST Web Services API for MySQL Cluster" as it is really interesting. I kind of wanted to attend the SolidDB storage engine session and the community session happening concurrently, but the mod_ndb stuff is pretty cool.

I am going to try to get the presentation files hopefully from JD.

In case you are wondering, NDB = Network Database.

The HTTP Database uses HTTP instead of SQL. He is planning to create a good HTTP database in the future.

How to get mod_ndb:

(If you are at Google)
otherwise: jdd at mysql dot com

Random Notes:

If you are a "PHP shop" its beneficial to use multithreading.

"sort merge join is better than nested loop join"

YouTube uses "Suse" and mostly InnoDB.

Investigate IO issues with SAN.

"recompile memcache to store BLOBs"

Memcache storage engine?

"Falcon is all about row cache"

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