Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Big Thanks

Today, Mike opened my eyes as to why not having open comments can be costly, especially if you seek an answer.

So Mike, from now on you don't have to penalize me by not posting a comment. I am pleased to announce that comments are now open to anyone, not just the registered users.

Big thanks to the following for their almost immediate support.

Hopefully I didn't miss anyone.

As can be evident from the above, the MySQL community rocks!

P.S. I accidentally misspelled Roland Bouman's name when thanking him earlier in this post. Roland, I sincerely regret the error.


rpbouman said...

Hi Frank,

I'm devising a little tutoral trigger machine of my own. With some extension/modification, it could actually be of some use, at least I hope so.

It will appear on the my blog maybe tonight, or else somewhere around the weekend.

(BTW: Roland != Ronald. There is also a Ronald: Ronald Bradford. To add to the confusion: my family name is Bouman, so both my and Ronald's initials are R.B.)

Frank said...

Hi Roland,

I look forward to the "tutorial trigger machine."

Sorry for the typo. I've corrected it.

Thanks again,

Unknown said...

Ronald Bracho wrote: your blog is great and very helpfull.
I'd like to post the following question: I have mysql 5.0.48 running with several DBs, which have several Triggers and Store Procedures. At the moment I'm in the need to take my DB's(triggers and Procedures along) to a new server for migration purposes: The problem is that I can't find a command in mysql that allows me to backup everything all together and afterwards be able to restore everything in the new server. Not even MySQL Administrator helped.
Please advice: or

Thank you in advance.
PS: a software recommendation that can do this will be also appreciated.