Monday, January 16, 2006

My life in my words - 1

I have just been trying to get all the info about myself on one page so I can have it as a record and use it to create a master resume of my self.

Why do I need to go through this excruciating process? Because I consider myself very competent when it comes to a variety of technologies and because I am looking for work since my business partner stabbed me in the back by getting a job right when the business needed him most.

To give you a oneliner about myself :)

Me = DBA + Systems Administrator + Automation Expert + Graphics Designer + Accountant + Strategic Manager + a good guy

If you have nothing better to do in life at the moment, you can bore yourself by reading it on my personal blog at So far, among other things, includes a cover letter that I prepared for Google but never sent.

In case you do decide to read it but experience any difficulty accessing it, would you kindly let me know so I can fix the issue (it's a new blog and I have been having some firewall related issues on my personal server).


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