Friday, January 27, 2006

Downgrading MySQL 5 to MySQL 4

We are all excited (and a little nervous) about upgrades until we hit a dead end, like Ronald did. His server, RedHat 7.3 didn't had glib 2.3, which is required for MySQL 5.

Ronald documents the steps he took to downgrade MySQL schema from MySQL 5 to MySQL 4.

I wish he would've gone in to a bit more detail as to how exactly he did some of the steps such as changing "ENGINE=" to "TYPE= " to assist folks who haven't done this before, but nonetheless, it's a post worth blogging about.

If time permits, and assuming I get access to an older server (using RHEL 3 on all mine) , I will document the steps and post them here in detail. Till then, enjoy Ronald's post.

P.S. I was going to post a comment on Ronald's blog but his comments are restricted to registered users. We all need to open up comments so we can comment on each other's blogs without having to register at each blog.

On a side note, there are "Vegan Terrorists in Georgia" now.


1 comment:

Frank said...

Thank you Ronald for removing the requirement and for posting a detailed guide on how you were able to downgrade.

I really appreciate it.