Saturday, May 03, 2008

New Responsibilities

During my university days when I was working towards a dual degree in Accounting and CIS, I co-founded a small managed hosting company which I ran for four years along with two other co-founders. Then I started a consulting company and eventually moved into online publishing. Things changed and after nearly nine years of being self employed, I took over the very challenging responsibility of single handedly managing and scaling databases of a top 50 site (in 2006). It was definitely not an easy journey and I feel ecstatic to have helped my employer handle 6x growth and rise to being a top 13 site (using same Alexa algorithm).

While I enjoy working with MySQL, Solaris and technology a lot, I really missed being part of business side. Those of you who know me outside my database role, know how much I crave problem solving related to day to day business operations especially strategic decisions, financial, product architecture, monetization, marketing, advertising and SEO etc. For me databases and scalability are very important part of running a successful business in today's environment and I am so happy to have been a key player for my employer in that area.

In short, I wanted to be more involved in both business side and technology side. So I recently accepted a new role with my current employer as Director of Business Operations and Technical Strategy. In addition, I will still be leading and training our database team.

This new role will allow me to get involved with much more than just databases at my job, something I am really looking forward to. Big thanks to my management team for recognizing my skills and giving me a chance to help my company reach new levels.


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Although we've just seen each other at the UC, it seems like an age ago already, and I reget we didn't spend more time together to catch up. Anyway, all the best to you in your new career, and all the best to Michelle too.

Please keep me posted in what's happening with the family Mashraqi ;)

kind regards,

Roland Bouman

byte said...

Congratulations on the promotion, mate!

Frank said...

@roland: thank you for your well wishes. Yup, it already seems like a few months have passed since the conference. We should keep in touch with Skype or something. Actually, I am going to look you up on Facebook.

Michelle is very excited. We just saw the first ultrasound photos. We will keep you updated :)

@byte: Thank you!

Frank said...

@gmax: Thanks, Giuseppe!

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Congratulations on the new role; I hope you like your experience in your role :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats mate!

Good Times :)