Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sun loses 23% market capital

Sun missed its earnings and sales estimates and as a result it lost approximately 23% of its market capital. Even more disturbing news is the announcement that Sun will be cutting 1500 to 2500 jobs. Eric Day raised his concerns as to whether this job cut will affect MySQL hiring to which Marten replied and pointed to several open positions within MySQL.

Sun has an array of very interesting and useful technologies under its hood. The amount of care Sun takes for its customers is truly impressive and I hope MySQL will follow in Sun's foot steps. Yesterday, I met with a Sun engagement architect and the amount of interest he showed in the technical challenges my team faces was unmatched. I am already working on a blog post to highlight some of the technologies my team discussed with Sun's representative.

With Sun's stock now down, I think it is an excellent time to buy some JAVA stocks which closed at 12.64. I may actually put a small order myself.

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