Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yay! Sun Acquires MySQL

In 2006, when I joined Fotolog, I made a decision: my specialty is going to be Solaris 10 and MySQL. Very quickly, I realized that MySQL on Solaris is not very commonly deployed architecture. Atleast not as common and popular as MySQL on Linux. Since then, I have promoted MySQL/InnoDB and Solaris combo at various conferences, meetups and through podcasts.

So you can imagine, I couldn't be more happier with Sun's announcement to buy MySQL. It has been one of my top wishes for MySQL and Sun to work together. When I checked my email today, I had the following comment left on my wish list post.

"Looks like your No. 3 has come true:"

And indeed, it seems it has come true.

Fotolog, the company I work for, is one of the biggest users of MySQL on Solaris. Honestly speaking, I felt a little left out being a MySQL on Solaris guy. Now, hopefully all that will change and SAMP/AMPS will hopefully takeover LAMP. At least, that's what I want to believe.

So heartiest felicitations to Marten, Monty, Brian, David, Kaj and everyone at MySQL for working so hard on MySQL and getting it to this point.

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