Monday, January 28, 2008

spotting the wolf in sheep's clothing

This is all my personal rant based on my little investigation as I have been very upset.

If you're the one who I am targeting this post to: please don't take it personally. You have no one but yourself to blame for this backlash.

==start rant==
So, Looking at the sites of one-who-shall-not-be-named-or-linked-to-any-more or aka wolf in sheep's clothing, I am coming to an opinion. To me, it seems like he is basically using his sites to benefit his current and/or future clients. He also seems to be a DMOZ editor or very closely associate with it, something that really hurts his credibility in my eyes. DMoz should be shredded by now as it has absolutely no value other than to lame SEOs who still either beg editors to get their site listed or enjoy being begged to. Even the parent company of DMoz has no interest in it. I mean come on. If you are 1% serious in your "database research" business you wouldn't spend time working on getting your client links into Dmoz, knowing the massive corruption that exists within Dmoz. I have dealt with Dmoz bullshit and know anyone who really values time would stay away from it.

To me, it is only a heaven for Internet marketers who try to show-off to their prospective clients about their control over certain categories and who knows, may be it even helps them get more money to write more biased posts.

Ever since Google launched Bourbon update, Dmoz and Dmoz based directories lost its value. Whoever told you that Dmoz is still powerful is just entering the SEO world. It is a base for every scraper site out there. Once you land on those scraper sites, you are asking for trouble.

To help with an analogy for the lack of better words: If you are associated with red-light district then people are going to point fingers when you go to church looking all innocent.
P.S: I don't go to church but it gets the point across

Do yourself a favor and leave DMOZ and instead start playing with MySQL or start researching your MySQL articles before posting them to an aggregated blogs community. May be now that MySQL is owned by Sun, they can give you a free Sun box and MySQL subscription to curb your ignorance about MySQL.

The guy's last three posts were the biggest waste of my time since this. I mean how do we even let people like this on Planet MySQL? To me, he is definitely interested in keyword and company plugs rather than an honest, objective review of a database that is my bread and butter. And MySQL being my bread and butter is the precise reason I am so mad about his posts. Talk about entering a community and losing respect within a week. We don't need your un-researched and biased commentary. No matter what you say, it will not make me or hundred of thousands of websites to stop using MySQL and start following you. It only makes you look bad. I mean he won't even dig up past presentations or research articles and instead ask people if they know of any one using MySQL in a mission critical environment. Ughhhh! Do your homework yourself dude.

May be there should be a moderation system where the community can mark such biased posts as 'flame bait' and after wasting enough time of the community with their stupid flame baits, they should be kicked off of Planet MySQL. Also for those who pimp their blogs, even once, there should be a badge saying 'pimped' similar to the 'employee' badge.

Last, but not least: If you don't know how to work with MySQL, don't say MySQL doesn't work since both have different meanings.

==end rant==

I may sound upset but honestly, I am tired of seeing people just loosing their conscious and saying whatever comes in their mind. Grow up!

Update: Ending thoughts: Not everyone in MySQL community loves everything about MySQL. Jeremy, Peter Zaitsev, Baron, Ronald, Roland are fierce community critics. However, their critique is always well received because it is based on some solid observation, experience or research. It is that kind of well-researched, fact-based critique that calls for discussion and dialog. Poorly researched and biased critique just wastes the time of everyone and no one gets anything in the end.

Update3 (Update2 is on top): Oh, how can I forget the numerous Planet'eers who drive this constructive-criticism-demanding community. Thanks also goes to Mark, Giuseppe, Beat, Sheeri, Keith, Kevin, Colin, Brian (Kelley and Aker), Mark and many others for providing factual based criticism. You should read all their blogs for an educated decision of whether MySQL is right for you. These are people who actually use MySQL in their jobs.

Update4: added links to constructive blogs


Unknown said...

Wonderful rant Frank. I understand where you're coming from with that.
One thing that garbed my attention and made me post a replay is the Dmoz issue above, including editor corruption and abuse. The latest of Dmoz's none-ending scandals involves extortion from a listed company by an editor who removed the listing when he did not get his $5000. and to make things even worse, an editor who wanted to investigate was removed at the spot. Makes you see Dmoz for it really is. Dmoz Extortion

Nomoz Directory is a new website that is taking the existing Dmoz data in a new direction.

Mark Callaghan said...

I am disappointed that I did not make the list of occasional critics. Is it because I don't include emoticons in posts to tip off my jokes?

Frank said...

Mark, that was my revenge since you kept me in circles with the keynote post. I mean seriously, I was confused :)

I knew I may forget key critics if I start naming them. My bad.