Thursday, November 17, 2005

Open Source Patents Search by Patent Commons - eBay Launches Developers Challenge

Open Source Patents Search
Supported by Computer Associates, Novell, IBM, Sun, Red Hat and others, OSDL (Open Source Development Labs has launched a patents search platform to allow open source developers to search patents that have been donated to the open source community.

From PatentCommons website:
The Patent Commons Project is dedicated to documenting the boundaries of The Commons -- a preserve where developers and users of software can innovate, collaborate, and access patent resources in an environment of enhanced safety, protected by pledges of support made by holders of software patents

Yet Another Blog by Microsoft CTO
Ray Ozzie, CTO of Microsoft, has started yet another blog. He first began blogging in August of 2002. In his opening post, he writes:

As in the past, it's not my intent to be pitching our products here. We've got plenty of mechanisms - old school and new - that work well for that sort of thing. But to the extent that I'm excited about something, or I think there might be a different angle that you might be interested in, I'll chime in.
At times there will be controversies I just can't or won't engage in.

I am sure some people want Bill Gates to start blogging too by now. Also see, Microsoft to enter supercomputer market.

eBay Developers Program Now Free!
eBay recently introduced changes to the pricing structure for the eBay
Developers Program. According to the recent email I received:

We are excited today to introduce changes to the pricing structure for the eBay
Developers Program that will make it even easier to innovate on the eBay platform.
Those include:

- Membership - now free, effective November 14, 2005
- eBay Web Services/ API calls - now free, effective November 14, 2005
- Standard application certification - now free effective, November 14, 2005

And Developer Live Chat technical support is now available to every member of the
program at one low cost - $75/hour or $250 for four (4) hours.

Why are offering this new free pricing to our members? First we want to thank you
for your contributions to the eBay marketplace, because we know that without our
developer community eBay wouldn’t be where we are today. Second, we want to remove
barriers to innovation on the platform. Since the first API was released in 2000,
third party developers have led the charge in developing the most cutting edge and
exciting applications and services for the eBay community.

Its all good from eBay but I would have loved it more if they would have done this just a few months ago, when I started building an interface for eBay using MySQL, PHP and AJAX. I could've saved $250.

If you are an experienced MySQL DBA, I encourage you to join the eBay developer program. If you are a webmaster, consider joining the affiliate program first through CJ and then signing up for the eBay developer program. In addition to earning $12-$20 per active user registration, you can get a good percentage of fees collected by eBay. UPS and eBay also recently announced that they are joining forces to allow US based eBay sellers to ship globally.

eBay Developers Challenge
Greg Isaacs, Director of eBay Developers Program announced the beginning of a developers challenge by eBay. He writes:
Now that most barriers to development have been removed, please consider
participating in the eBay Developers Challenge at to win valuable prizes, including a $5,000 cash prize. The contest starts today!

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