Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gain a robust analysis platform by utilizing MySQL with the Pentaho OLAP Server

Pentaho Corporation, a company providing a full spectrum of open source Business Intelligence (BI) tools from reporting and analysis to dashboards to data mining, today announced in a press release that it's customers
"now have the opportunity to gain a robust analysis platform at a remarkably low cost by utilizing open source relational databases such as MySQL together with the Pentaho On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) Server."

Mondrian project will become a permanent feature of the Pentaho Business Intelligence (BI) project. The Business Intelligence project provides comprehensive reporting, analysis, dashboards, workflow, and data mining capabilities.

Mondrian Server was initially released in 2002. According to the press release:
Mondrian OLAP Server supports the aggregation, calculation and categorization of data from standard relational databases, including Oracle, , Microsoft Server, IBM DB2, and others. Mondrian uses the world's most popular Java integrated development environment - Eclipse - as the graphical editor for defining and editing OLAP models. It also implements the industry standard OLAP query language - MDX - and works with both the for Analysis and specifications.

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