Thursday, November 13, 2008

OpenSQL Camp Starts Tomorrow!

So the good news is that the inaugural OpenSQL Camp is going to be an awesome event with mouth watering sessions by noted experts. The bad news (for me) is that I won't be attending it, which makes me sad. I cannot leave my town because my wife can go into labor anytime now.

The session list looks great! Congratulations and thanks to Baron, Sheeri, Ronald, all the sponsors and contributors for organizing the first OpenSQL Camp.

I will be watching PlanetMySQL closely for juicy blog posts. Hopefully, the one and only Sheeri is taking her camcorder!


rpbouman said...

Hi Frank!

Just a quick note to wish you and Michelle strength, health and the best of luck!

I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful baby and i am looking forward to hearing the good news once its due.

kind regards,


Frank said...

@roland: thank you very much for your kind wishes. I will certainly post updates.


arjen said...

Hey, you know that's like the best excuse!
The MySQL Conf in 2005 was about a month before Phoebe's due date, so that felt quite tricky already - with only days away, of course you wouldn't gamble that... pity we won't be able to catch up though - take care and enjoy the immediate future of sleepless dad-ness ;-)
It's really blissful.