Sunday, June 01, 2008

Disaster is Inevitable - Must shutdown generators

Disaster is really inevitable. Even with all the redundant power investments, ThePlanet (formerly EV1 and RackShack), had to shut down their backup generators at their H1 data center on the instructions of the fire crew. This happened after a wire-short in fault transformer led to an explosion that knocked off one of their walls, ultimately bringing 9,000 servers down. Luckily no one was injured.

This just goes on to show that just because a data center has redundant power and backup generators, it does not mean that a disaster cannot happen. IIRC, ThePlanet's last disaster was blamed on backup generators not kicking off properly.

While there was no damage to servers, I wonder how many MyISAM repairs need to be triggered once the servers do come back online?

- The Planet Status Update


Arjen Lentz said...

I've got an old server there, and yes it has some MyISAM tables. No worries.

JaYgaY said...

Fuck theplanet, they are a bunch of losers. Anyway who cares about 9k porn torrent pumping, gaming servers go down.
The revenue lost was 674726184219894 billion dollars for sure and my mom paid for all that.