Thursday, December 22, 2005

Open Encyclopaedia - Web 2.0 Style

Sometime ago I learned how hard it can be dealing with DMOZ and the so-called Open Directory Project. My lessons learned were that the open directory was open for the editors, and not for everyone. Since that time I have read some shocking specualtion about what goes on at the open directory project.

With Wikipedia I learned this year that unless the topic you want to write about interests a million people, they won't let you publish it.

So where should the developing news and information go to gain an audience without breaking the budget?

For sometime now, I have been working on a web 2.0 style project that aims to add some innovative features on top of certain concepts taken from web 2.0, Wikipedia, and ODP. The alpha version of this project is available online at with many features planned and coded but not yet deployed. Contributors will be able to tag their contributions for organizing purposes. In the next update, the project will feature syndication technologies incorporating RSS and mobile Web applications.

After registering for free, users can contribute resources (Blog URL, News story, podcast, video podcast, RSS, XML, Atom, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF etc) to and earn points. New members get 500 points just for joining.

Please help: I have limited resources for this project and can use your support. Your advice, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated. I am also looking forward to get sponsorship from companies in exchange for advertising so the project can be supported. (See below for my e-mail address)

Thank you for taking the time to read about the project.

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Open Encyclopaedia Wiki

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