Thursday, August 10, 2006

MySQL Error 1032: A somewhat ambiguous error?

Today I experienced error 1032 on one of my slave servers which has MyISAM tables. The full error message was:

060810 14:46:45 [ERROR] Slave: Error 'Can't find record in 'group_upload_counter'' on query. Default database: 'db1'. Query: 'insert into group_counter (...) values('username', now(), 1, now())', Error_code: 1032

I invoked "perror 1032" to see what the error was all about but got the following message:

-bash-3.00$ perror 1032
Illegal error code: 1032

I asked on the #mysql and Jay and Roland were quick to respond. We all researched for some time but the only thing we were leading to was something about running out of disk space which wasn't the issue in this case. So I decided to check the table for corruption and guess what, the table was indeed corrupt and was fixed with a simple REPAIR TABLE invocation. After that I started the slave and it caught up fully.

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