Monday, July 10, 2006

err-log or log-error

Today I was investigating why one of the MySQL server wasn't logging anything in the error log. By default the error logs are written in the data directory with a .err extension.

The "err-log" configuration option only works with safe_mysqld. If you try to specify this option in the configuration file under [mysqld] then the following error is generated.

[ERROR] /path/to/mysqld: unknown variable 'err-log=/path/to/error_log'

When this option is used, MySQL server doesn't report the error log file path for the "log_error" variable in the output of "SHOW VARIABLES"

To specify the error log file so that it will show up in SHOW VARIABLES, we need to use the "log-error" option.


Sheeri said...

Yes, if you think about it, it doesn't make sense to have the error log (or the general log, usually mysqld.log) specified in mysqld. What if you have an error before you get to running mysqld? Same with the general log. So yeah, it makes sense, but it's not intuitive.

Anonymous said...

i tried to enable bin and general query log file in mysql.
i gave the statement
in my.cnf under mysqld_safe
then i stop and start the mysq.
and execute some queries in mysql,
but the log files were not created.