Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Compiling MySQL Administrator on Solaris 10

I have been trying to compile MySQL Administrator on a Solaris 10 box with no success. I followed Ronald's notes (link later) on the compile issues related to mysql-gui-common but continued having problems.

So eventually I filed a bug report and yesterday it was verified. So hopefully it can be resolved soon.


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Anonymous said...

Frank! Found your post while googling for help with the exact same problem. I can't fix mysqladmin or mysqlgui with all those gtkmm + glibmm library dependancies in Solaris 11, but I found out you can just use webmin to manage many aspects of a mysql db:

How to step webmin (2 lines)

Then just drill down to webmin / servers / mysql, configure the module params and you've got a useable WEB-GUI in 3 minutes of work. I'm sure Mysql Administrator does "more" but this is cool and easy enough to mess around with.