Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Planet marks

There have been some really cool postings at PlanetMySQL that I have been wanting to read and blog about. However, since I have been really busy (temporarily), I haven't had the chance to do so. Following is the list of posts I really liked, or would like to read at some later point.

Phew! that's a long list. Many more cool posts that I haven't had the chance to read closely. I will blog about them later. Hopefully they will remain at PlanetMySQL until I have read them ;)



Anonymous said...


Also, if you read planet through RSS your RSS reader may keep old entries around (pretty sure mine does)

Frankly Speaking! said...

Thanks for pointing that out.

Yes, its time to put PlanetMySQL in my RSS aggregator even though I like to read the articles on the site.

Sheeri said...

You are officially the president of my fan club. :)

Frankly Speaking! said...

Thanks Sheeri ;)