Saturday, May 13, 2006

Open Source Software

Ronald recently asked to provide a list of Open Source software that I have used or recommend. Here's a list that I compiled in one sitting. Since I have been working with OSS for quite sometime now, this list is just a sample. As time permits, I will add more to this list.

1. Typo (RoR) [some issues with RoR 1.1]
2. phpMyAdmin
3. OSCommerce [Recommended if you're ready to make a lot of customizations]
4. Interchange (Perl) [Overkill for small projects but ideal for large scale ones. At one point, Google used to use Interchange to power their online store. Now they use OSCommerce.]
5. OWL [A fairly decent DMS (Document Management System]
6. Word Press
7. BugZilla
8. phpBugTracker: Ideal when a quick setup is needed.
9. phpBB: [Needs a lot of customizations]
10. Drupal [Ideal if you need a CMS (Content Management System) but have a small number of categories. Because Drupal loads the list of categories in memory, it's not recommended for sites with large number of categories]
11. Nucleus: A decent CMS that can be extended easily.
12. PHP Gallery
13. PHPDig: [A nice search engine to index and search small web sites. Indexing process is really slow]
14. Lucene (Java): [The king of search engines, IMO]
15. FCKeditor
17. Zope
18. Apache and MySQL (obviously)
19. mytop
20. AWStats
21. APF (Advanced Policy Firewall)
22. BFD (Brute Force Detection)
23. PHPNuke
24. phpAdsNew
25. PHPOpenChat

I am currently looking to evaluate/use the following very soon:

1. Lighty (Lighttpd)

I would also be interested in knowing what OSS other PlanetMySQL readers use.

Congratulations to Mike and Stewart for being the top on PlanetMySQL.

I still need to post photos from the conference and other notes from the sessions.

Also checkout Sheeri's post on "neat tricks". I agree with her that having additional details on PlanetMySQL such as "1 post a day" would be very nice.

Oh, and this post marks my 100th post on this blog. Yay!

- Frank/Farhan


Mike Kruckenberg said...

Well, your list was 3 times as long as mine. I need to poke around at some of those projects you listed.

Anonymous said...

I suggest Mediawiki, one of the most popular Wiki engines: MySQL + PHP, GPL.

Frankly Speaking! said...

This list is incomplete as I have worked with many more projects such as the MediaWiki that I forgot to include.